Integrated Family Services

Children's Rights are Important

Children's Rights

We believe that children are full people with rights to liberty with guidance and safety, and to have their full potential met by good parenting.


Parenting Time:

For Children's Sakes

Colorado Law is clear that if children are not endangered by contact with a parent, then children have a right to have time with that parent.  Courts work hard to make sure that children do not lose contact with their parents when the parents are no longer together, and that children alienated or unfamiliar with a parent have a chance to build a bond with that parent.

Experts agree that contact, especially with younger children, ensure stronger bonds with the parent with whom the child has positive parenting time.  

I offer parent coaching along with supervised visitation.  I will let you know if I see that coaching would benefit you and your child.  

Written reports are included with each Supervised Parenting Time unless such reports are not requested.