Integrated Family Services


Mediation is offered at a flat rate of $50/hour/person.  My mediations regarding parenting time and/or child support generally settle within 1/2 to 1 day.  

Fees:  PC/DM:  

​Because this work is so difficult, the fees will vary depending on the case.  I only charge for the time you need with me.  If you work well together, you might never need to pay after the retainer, which is $1000.00.  I have had a few cases where parents agreed so well after a few meetings with me that I reimbursed a portion of the retainer!  This retainer can be negotiated for compassionate reasons.

SLIDING SCALE FEES For Supervised Parenting Time:  GENERAL COSTS OF PARENTING TIME INCLUDE: a- $50.00 for the telephone or in-person intake, a one-time fee;
b- $50.00/hour for visitation (unless on a lower sliding scale rate, see below); c. Fees paid in advance, on this website via Pay Pal, by noon the day before the parent exchange or parenting time;

​Sliding Scale fees: 
​ 1-     Parents must provide proof of income by tax returns or affidavit of income recently provided to the court in a separation or divorce decree, or current pay stubs
​ 2-     If income can be proven, the following rates apply: 
Family Income under 25 K/year - $40/hour ($40.00 intake fee)
Family Income 26 K to 40 K/year - $45/hour ($45.00 intake fee)
Family Income 41 K and above:  $50/hour ($50.00 intake fee)
These rates are negotiable based on number of children or health issues needing compassionate negotiation of fees. 
(Family Income means the combined income of both parties, parties to pay the fees as the court directs, except that each party should pay their own portion of the $50 intake fee, unless the parties can come to an alternative agreement.)

​ ** Please note:  These fees are subject to change, except that if IFS has negotiated a fee with your family, such fee rate will be honored for at least one year as needed, as provided around other policies and procedures within this web site.