Integrated Family Services


Sometimes, even when you have a very detailed court order, there are complications that arise around parenting time that are tough to solve, especially if there is a restraining order in place and there is no way to communicate between parents.  Perhaps a child is not able to contact the other parent for a week because his phone is broken, or a parent wants to drop the children off at the curb instead of the front door.  A Parenting Coordinator (PC) can be helpful to negotiate these issues between parents and reach consensus so that parenting time goes forward without conflict.  At times, the conflict is so intractable,  the parents wish to have someone make decisions for them around the issues so that they don't have to return to court for every conflict issue.  In this case, a Decision-Maker (DM) is very useful, because a DM can gather information from both parties, and then make decisions about what the issues are, holding to the standard of the court order.  The court receives the Decision information.  When the court accepts the decision, it then becomes a court order.   The parties do not have to go into protracted litigation in order to solve "smaller" issues.  I prefer to take PC/DM cases only with DM authority to be sure that I can help you in a good time-frame, and most importantly, while focusing on what your children need.